Pauline Davis announced her resignation via Radford and Hyson Green NDC’s chair, Delroy King, at a board meeting last week. Her decision to step down followed a period of criticism in which the programme was accused of failing to capture the support and imagination of residents.

Two former resident directors have announced plans to stand in forthcoming elections on ‘anti-fat cat’ tickets. Pressure on Mrs Davis intensified last week when a report by the property conveyancing lawyaers district auditor and Nottingham Council, highlighting financial and procedural ‘weaknesses’ at the NDC, was leaked to the local media. The £55m regeneration programme suffered a further blow when two further resident directors, Tim Clark and Stephen Broderick, both vocal critics of Mrs Davis, resigned at the same meeting in protest at the perceived failures of the NDC.

In a joint resignation statement they said: ‘Having spent an intensive period going through various information we have found evidence to support critical failings in an unacceptable number of areas. We intend to make this document public because the community has a right to know and make up their own minds. Noises are being made and arms are being flapped but the outcomes are not appearing. Mr King, who is known locally to be a keen supporter of Mrs Davis, said he was ‘saddened’ by her decision to leave, but vowed to stay on as chair. The regeneration sector has lost a ministerial champion just 12 months into his job following last week’s government reshuffle.

Tony McNulty, who was appointed junior regeneration minister last May, has been moved to a similar position at transport. His replacement will be Yvette Cooper, who moves from the Lord Chancellor’s Department. Ms Cooper has been tipped as a high flyer, joining the government in 1999 as its youngest minister at the age of 30, with responsibility for public health. She is married to Ed Balls, chancellor Gordon Brown’s most senior adviser. She will report to Lord Rooker, who continues to have overall responsibility for regeneration, and takes over responsibility for neighbourhood renewal from Barbara Roche, who has been sacked. But regeneration practitioners have expressed concern that the job is changing hands too quickly, not giving ministers enough time to get to grips with the issues or drive the renewal process forward.