However, due to the success of a campaign to promote postal voting, it is expected that around a quarter of the votes will already have been cast. A further initiative this year is to print maps showing the location of elector’s polling stations on their polling cards so every voter will know where to go to vote. Through our successful postal vote campaign, thousands of local people have been able to make their choice in the comfort of their own home – helping us to arrest the slide in voter turnout in the process.

We often hear people asking what’s the point but the fact is that local councillors make decisions about issues which affect everyday life from The Land Property conveyancing courses provision of affordable homes, leisure facilities and jobs, to matters such as recycling , dog fouling and car park charges. Caradon District Council is cracking down on dog fouling with new £50 fixed penalty tickets for those who let their dogs foul in public areas. Dog fouling has serious consequences as dog faeces can harbour toxocara, which can cause blindness in young children. The on-the-spot fine replaces the slow and costly process of prosecuting offenders through the courts. There is a further penalty of up to £1,000 if the fine remains unpaid.

Councillor Hugh Francis, Caradon’s Improving Service Delivery portfolio holder, said Most dog owners in South East Cornwall do clean up after their pets and make good use of the 230 dog waste bins that Caradon provides. We would rather educate people than fine them, and our animal welfare officers spend a lot of time talking with residents’ groups and providing advice and information at local shows.

However, it only takes a handful of irresponsible people and their dogs to turn parks and play areas into no go areas for everyone else, and we will issue the £50 fixed penalties where necessaryCaradon has also compiled a list of doggie do’s and don’ts so that people’s pets don’t land them in the doghouse. If you’re out and about with your pooch, you can bag the mess and put it in one of the 230 dog bins that Caradon provides. Don’t think that it won’t matter if you fail to clean up the occasional whoopsie. Around a hundred children every year pick up serious infections from dog mess.